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By HG KrishnaPrema Das

Hare Krishna.

OM Sri Surabhyai Namah! OM Sri Gurave Namah!

Gita Nagari Baru (GNB) is a village where one hundred and fifty devotees live together as a community. GNB has six cows and one bull. They are Surabhi, Candani, Godavari, Kaveri, Gauri, Subhadra, and Ram. We had begun to make a replica of Vrindavan forests since 2014. Our goal is to make our village like Vrindavan village, and help the devotees remember Krishna’s lilas more easily. This idea came from H.H. R.P. Bhakti Raghava Swami, who has always been our guiding force and has always encouraged us to gradually live like the residents of Vrindavan. By his holiness’ mercy and Krishna’s blessings we have made our first forest – Bhadravana.

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Bhadravana is a forest that belongs to Sri Balaram. Here both Sri Krishna and Sri Balaram took care of the cows with their friends. Since we opened this forest, we always gather together atleast once in a month to do Go-Puja. Some of our cows are always there for grazing every day.

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As part of his usual visit to GNB this year, H.H. R.P. Bhakti Raghava Swami visited two new forests. He suggested that the forests be a replica of other forests in Vrindavan. Maharaja named the eastern forest as Mahavana, and the western side as Madhuvana. Now, GNB has three forests that have the names of Bhadravana, Mahavana, and Madhuvana.

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The devotees started to clean the area of Mahavana and made a name board for the forest. This forest is spread in about half a hectare. We can find different kinds of trees, creepers, and fresh grass for the cows to graze. Madhuvana is another forest that is located in the western part of GNB. This forest is half a hectare in expanse. This forest is different from the other forests, because it has small rivers. There are many kinds of trees, which are used for making cottage, goshala, etc. We will keep the trees as sometime in the future even the devotees may need to use the wood. Now, we thus have three forests, and we plan to gradually prepare other forests to duplicate the remaining forests in Vrindavan. We pray and hope that Srila Prabhupada will be pleased by our small project.

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Hare Krishna!


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