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Vedic Life at Ganga Sagara Baru, Kalimantan – Indonesia


Ganga Sagara Baru (GSB) is located in Kapuas District, Center Kalimantan, about 10 kilometers from the seashore. We need about 3 hours to go to the farm by land road and waterways from Kapuas city. GSB is spread in 125 hectares land, and it is plain land with saltwater tide condition. The condition is suitable for farming. The land was bought for the first time (by a Head of the river) on May 12, 2003 with 28 hectares of land. In the second step, another 16 hectares of land was added, and in the last step further 81 hectares was purchased, bringing the total to 125 hectares.

For now, there are two families living at the GSB making a good figure of seven devotee members . The two families are of Sundar Gopal prabhu, who heads this project. The other family is of Bhakta Made. Their daily activities are of farming and gardening. There are many vegetables and fruits trees that are growing up on the land. They use cow urine and cow dung for farming and gardening. They produce their food on the GSB farm project. They are self-sufficient. They are able to offer their own farm grown food to Sri-Sri Panca-Tattva, the presiding deities there.

They have built a simple cottage from the available wood as their house. They have also built a granary from the wood. By guidance from H.H. RP Bhakti Raghava Swami and H.G. Gaura Mandala Bhumi prabhu, the project is slowly growing. They made a master plan for the long-term programs thus allowing for systematic growth of the project. The most important is that they have two cows with a simple Goshala. The cows are nicely served by them. By the cows, they get cow urine and cow dung, which is useful for farming and gardening.

That is a short report of Ganga Sagara Baru farm project in Center Kalimantan. It is a big asset, but is still in the process of growth, facing manpower challenges to manage it. Therefore, we invite all the devotees to help, come forward, and cooporate to build up this farm project. Hope we can make more and more Vaishnava communities based on Daiva Varanasrama. Hare Krishna!

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  • By Yadava Hari dasa

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