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Vedic Eco village Report as on 2nd September 2017


By HG Ramanath Das

As we clear the forest, the location of goshala becomes more evident. The goshala should face north east, with sufficient sunlight and good ventilation.  Cows do not like dark. Darkness does not allow good health.  Cows love airy spacious inviting surroundings.  As per the Vedic wisdom, Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi stays in place which is clean, hygienic and attractive.

Forest materials are being moved into place, the forest floor or duff, is being moved into the garden areas and orchard for mulching the trees. Fallen tree branches are being chipped down and put onto the raja marg and pathways.

The heat wave continues, with temperatures hitting 10 degrees hotter than the normal and no rain in sight.  The fire north of us continues to grow, 2 months after it had begun.

“Why does Krsna go to the forest? Does He go for cow-grazing? No, not at all. Cow grazing is only an excuse. The actual fact is that He is very anxious to taste prema-bhakti rasa, the resting place of which is in the Vrajavasis, gopas and the gopis. Lord Krsna’s going out for cow-grazing is only an excuse to enjoy pastimes with the sakhas, to see the beauty of Vrindavana, and especially to enjoy with the gopis.”

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