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Varnasrama Book Distribution in Vrindavan

  • HG Shubhananda Hari Das

Karthik is the month when devotees from all over the world come to Vrindavan. What could have been a better opportunity to display and distribute literature on Varnasrama and to make devotees aware about this very important aspect of the movement?

Bhaktivedanta Learning Institute of Self-Sufficiency (BLISS), a department of ISKCON Vrindavan dedicated to promote and practically demonstrate the philosophy of Simple Living and High Thinking had set up a stall to promote its initiative of ‘Make Vrindavan Villages’. Devotees had worked out and displayed a model village plan. Through the initiative various social and environmental problems such as unemployment, migration to cities, street cows, deforestation etc. could be addressed. Many inquisitive visitors came to the booth and appreciated the plan. They also expressed their desire participate or contribute to the noble effort.

IDVM-India also displayed books on Daiva Varnasrama, Education, Cows etc. There were also other related books on Garbhadan Samskar, Krishna Krida etc. Newly released book ‘My Spiritual Lamentation’ got lots of attention. Many visitors came forward and saw the books. Many of them appreciated the content and bought the books, while some of the devotees asked a few questions.

It was a very wonderful experience to interact with the devotees and present the philosophy of Varnasrama through books to the devotees in the auspicious month of Karthik. Seeing the good response, we feel encouraged to visit the Holy Dham again to present this very important message to devotees and thereby assist Srila Prabhupada in fulfilling his 50% of the mission.

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