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Varnasrama Book Distribution in Kartik maas

  • HG Rama Lakshman Das

In the September 2017 monthly meeting of IDVM-India a proposal was made to distribute Varnasrama related  books at Vrindavan during the holy month of Kartik. IDVM-India Secretariat offered the services of Krishna Bhajan das and was sent to distribute the books there. Krishna Bhajan das started on 4th October from Mayapur and reached Vrindavan the next day.   On reaching there he took assistance from Indranilamani Prabhu (BLISS – Vrindavan) to set up a book table.

After having darshan and seeking blessings from their Lordships Sri Sri Krishna Balaram and Sri Sri Radha Shyam Sundar to remove the obstacles in his endeavors. Initially the books were slow to move but as days passed more and more devotees started arriving from across the world and the book distribution increased. Shubha Ananda Hari Prabhu from Mumbai joined him a few weeks later and spent few days in distributing the books.

Total number of books distributed during the month are as follows.

  • Make Vrindavan villages—12
  • Traditional education—12
  • Varnasrama education—9
  • Scince of daiva Varnasrama—14
  • Implementing Varnasrama—7
  • Towards Global Varnasrama culture –12
  • My Spiritual lamentation –5
  • Speaking about Varnasrama—5
  • Village life — 2
  • Foundational pillars of education –2
  • Saptarisis— 2
  • Indigenous cows & Exotic cows—2.

Both Shubha Ananda Hari and Krishna Bhajan das felt the need for Hindi books as many devotees who visited the book table were enquiring for Hindi translations due to their inability to read English.

After the month long festival, the devotees returned with many realizations and enthusiasm to serve in the important mission of Srila Prabhupada to “Make Vrindavan Villages”.

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