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By HH RP Bhakti Raghava Swami

Devotees serving the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign and the Global Varnasrama Mission will keep fond memories of His Grace Suka Vyasa prabhu for his deep dedication and active support of the varnasrama mission right up to his last days.

Although physically challenged, he continued his service to help edit the on-going Interview Video Series, being most of the time the first to offer his comments of those recordings. He was always inspired to hear the realizations of devotees regarding the varnasrama mission that he himself fully supported and appreciated.

His Grace Suka Vyasa prabhu passed away on Saturday December 17 in a hospital near Sydney fighting terminal cancer that ravaged his body. Despite such a condition, he maintained high spirits and continued to serve in an exemplary manner till his last days.

Although his health condition was extremely critical, he remained lucid and conscious of his position as a humble servant of Lord Krishna with only one desire: to continue serving in another body, material or physical, as per Krishna’s desire.

Let us pray for his continued safety and eternal shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.



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