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Sri Go Puja on Guru Purnima


Yesterday, Sunday July 9th, 2017, commemorated Guru Purnima in India, also known as Vyasa Purnima as we remembered the author of all the Vedic teachings Srila Krishna-dvaipayana Vyasa or Srila Vyasadeva. It was also the auspicious celebration of Srila Sanatana Goswami’s disappearance where lakhs of Brajavasis in Vrindavan worship Srila Sanatana Goswami by performing maha parikrama around Govardhan Hill. The event also marked the beginning of the first month of Caturmasya, the four months where sadhus remain at one location to intensify their bhajan.

Devotees from the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, as well as other places in India and outside India, met at Hyderabad to perform Go Puja on this most auspicious day. The venue was the residence of Sri Narasimha Rao from the village of Gollur who had graciously offered his large hall to the devotees for holding the Vyasapuja ceremony of their spiritual master HH RP Bhakti Raghava Swami who was celebrating his 71st appearance day. Initially some 300 devotees gathered for the event but by the end of the day, prasadam had been served to some 800 guests.

Gracing the Go Puja ceremony were Continental Coordinators for the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign, His Grace Sri Krishna Purusottama prabhu (North America Coordinator) and His Grace Sri Rama prabhu (Asia Coordinator) along with National Coordinators for the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign, His Grace Daiva prabhu (USA Coordinator) and His Grace Damodar Dulal prabhu (India Coordinator and India Minister for Cow Care and Agriculture).

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