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Special Go-Puja and Go-Krida on Govardhana-Puja Celebrations

  • By Bhaktin Dian

OM Sri Surabhyai Namah!

Today (on Govardhan puja day 2017) we had a big celebration in ISKCON Indonesia. The day was marked by Go-Puja, Go-Krida and Govardhan Puja, which reminded us of Sri Krishna’s sweet past times when He lifted the Govardhan Hill to protect cows and the residents of Vraja from the anger of Indra, the king of heaven. In this lila, Krishna showed us how important cow protection is and how much He loves cows.

In Indonesia, we have 30 Goshalas spread all around and according to our latest report there are about 70 cows being taking care of. This special day was very joyful because all devotees participated in it. They came to their nearest Goshala and do some Go-seva. Go-seva was rendered in the form of feeding the cows, petting them, bathing them, making garland for them, or even cleaning the Goshala. All members of the family were involved in this seva.

On this auspicious day, all the devotees first performed the arati to Mother Cows (as Bhu-devi) and to Father Bulls (as the symbol of dharma). The devotees or temples who do not own cows and cannot perform arati to real cows, they can perform arati to the deity of Surabhi or to the picture of Mother Cow. As long as we are sincere, there is no difference between these.

Then after performing arati, all the devotees fed the cows. There great variety of fruits. The temple had already arranged the fruits, but the grhastha brought yet more fruits to the joy of Mother Cow.

The next program was of Govardhan Puja. Giri Govardhan was made out of Raj-Bhoga offerings to which arati was performed and followed by parikrama around Giri Govardhan. This celebration was simply very pleasing to everyone, especially for kids, because on the day unlike other celebrations no fasting was required to get mercy from Mother Cows, Giri Govardhan, and the lifter of Govardhan, Sri Giridhari. The program concluded with a big prasadam feast.

May this occasion bring prosperity to all of us, some auspicious vibes to the world and increase our awareness about the importance of cow protection.

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