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The OM Sri Surabhi Campaign inaugurates the “Rural Project Year-end Review” of rural projects (this includes gardens, rural communities, farms and villages where devotees are growing their own natural food, introducing various traditional technologies, producing their own cloth, making their own natural medicines and maintaining our mother cows).


Power Point

  • Not more than 40 slides
  • Video insertions/narrations not allowed
  • Please give contacts on last slide
  • Send in PDF format only, duly proofread and corrected

Video Documentaries

  • Not more than 15 minutes
  • Please give contacts/website at the end of the video

Submission Time

  • All PPTs and Videos must reach us before December 31, 2017.
  • Materials must be uploaded on Google Drive and shared with the names of devotees listed below.


We will announce the first three best presentations in both categories (PPT and Video) before the end of January 2018.

We will show your PPT and Video on various Websites during the New Year to further promote your projects/activities.


***    Only for projects you have developed during the year 2017!

Thank you for your kind attention and participation.


For Further Inquiries

You may contact the following devotees for additional information

India                  or


North America


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