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Seminar on Stress Management at Mangalore


Tejaswini group institutions, a reputed educational institute, in Mangalore allowed us to give presentation on the topic of “Stress management”. Around hundred students attended the program along with fifteen staff members. The students and staff gave their positive feedback to the program.

Stress is counted as a deadly disease in the present day modern world. Lot of intelligentsia is involved in researching to tackle the modern Pandemic. But that research has only helped giving stop gap solutions, but hasn’t really reached the depth of the problem.

But the age old Vedic wisdom provides the panacea to everything. The Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna dealt with the highly stressed out case of Arjuna, who wanted to back out from his duties of Kshatriya due to the stress sprouted from attachment. Lord Krishna very expertly within an hour counselled Arjuna and got him back to perform his duties with renewed spirit to serve the instructions of lord Krishna which is technically called Bhakti. Based on the teachings of Bhagavad-gita the course was designed to cater to the modern audience based on the premise of “Simple living and High thinking”.

We were invited to give more such presentations.



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