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Research Team

Varnasrama Research Team (VRT)


Varnasrama Research Team (VRT) is a national department of ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (IDVM). VRT has been established to bring together interested individuals who wish to learn about and lend support to the Global Varnasrama Mission. These individuals form a “VRT – Local group” at their respective locations. The service opportunity is open to both men and women. Volunteers who understand the need to establish Varnasrama Dharma come together to carry out various learning, preaching and research activities at their available time. The national department helps to set up, coordinate and guide various local VRTs spread across different places.


  1. Awareness – To promote general research in and help increase awareness about the varnasrama mission. To help train and educate devotees and the public at large on the basic principles and concepts of the Global Varnasrama Mission.
  2. Getting Involved – To involve more individuals especially in cities and towns in the varnasrama mission; such members will work closely with various ISKCON entities.
  3. Networking – To work with other secular educational, scientific, social, religious and cultural institutions that may have similar goals and objectives.
  4. Revive Traditions – To help revive interest in India’s Vedic traditional practices and also in village technologies.
  5. Study and Research – To do in-depth study and research on topics of varnasrama.
  6. Sharing – To create, update, maintain and organize an online Research Repository that is easily available and searchable.
  7. The following working structure is proposed for VRT.

Working structure

The following working structure is proposed for VRT.

VRT Structure