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Report on VTC 2017 at Mayapur


As part of the Varnasrama Training Program 2017, ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry –India in association with Mayapur Institute organized a four-day training course on Organic Farming from 20th to 23rd February, 2017.

DAY ONE: The session started with chanting of the Holy name to invoke blessings of Their Lordships. Rama Lakshman prabhu welcomed all the participants and introduced the main speakers comprising of HG Sanat Kumar Prabhu, who has fifteen years of experience in organic farming; HGTarun Nitai Prabhu, who has amaster’s in agriculture and also having many years of experience in organic farming, HG Venudhari Prabhu, having many years of experience serving at the Govardhan Eco Village Wada, Maharastra, India.

Sanat Kumar Prabhu commenced the session with the need and importance of organic farming and introduced the participants to organic farming techniques, The practical session was conducted at the Mayapur Goshala in the afternoon; we were welcomed by Doyal Mukunda Prabhu, in-charge of the Goshala, A piece of land was chosen to demonstrate the “permanent raised bed” cultivation method and while preparing the land Tarun Niatai Prabhu explained the process and various advantages of it. The intensive work out in the field resulted in the devotees learning some new techniques before they left the field.

DAY TWO: Sanat Kumar Prabhu and Tarun Nitai Prabhu explained on selection of land for cultivation and in the afternoon all the participants met again at Mayapur Goshala to learn various soil enrichment techniques through use of liquid fertilizer.

DAY THREE: Tarun Nitai Prabhu presented on raising nursery for seedlings, plantation methods and in the afternoon all the devotees gathered to learn seed treatment and sowing.

DAY FOUR: In the morning session Tarun Nitai Prabhu spoke on pest and disease management. As this was the concluding session in the classroom, Ram Lakshman prabhu proposed a vote of thanks on behalf of the organizers. He thanked all the speakers and also the devotees who attended the course very enthusiastically.

A few of the participants in the course gave their feedback.

Veda Vyas Prabhu, a farmer from Canada, thanked the faculty for sharing their deep knowledge in organic farming. He also planned to visit the Govardhan Eco Village to witness the organic farming being done there.

Ravindra Prabhu from Mumbai and presently working in an Oil company in Bahrain said that generally the organizers of such a training course would chargea minimum of $1000. He said that he was fortunate to be in Mayapur when the course was organized,that too for FREE.

Kamal Prabhu, a resident of Mayapur, attended the course last year also and was happy that this course is helping him to grow vegetables and do some cultivation.

Shushil Prabhu from BLISS Vrindavan wasinspired after attending the course and would be initiating some activities on return.

In the afternoon all the devotees gathered at Mayapur Goshala to learn how to prepare Bio –pesticides.

The four-day course ended with a resolve to put into practice whatever the participants learnt in their theoretical and practical sessions.

Srila Prabhupäda: That’s it. Everything is cycle. If you execute your prescribed duties as a brähmaëa, as a kñatriya, as a vaiçya,or as a çüdra, as a brahmacäré, as a gåhastha, as a vänaprastha, or as a sannyäsé…Divisions are there. Division must be there. Just like government. For executing nicely the governmental business, there are so many departments. Not that one department, only king, queen. Then government…Why the government is spending so much money, maintaining so many building? Simply queen’s palace, that Buckingham, that is sufficient? No. There must be departments. So these are departments, this brähmaëa, this kñatriya,the vaiçyas,the çüdras. Just like in your body there are departments. This department, brain, head. Therefore it is called head, headoffice, headoffice. Why do you refer to the head office? It has come from this head. Why Godhead? The Supreme Godhead, the Supreme. There fore we say, “Godhead. That is described in the Bhagavad-gita.[Bg.7.7] Mattaùparataraà nänyatkiïcidastidhanaïjaya: “There is no more superior person than Me. “So the divisions required. The divisions required. So for these divisions, brähmaëa, kñatriya, vaiçya, çüdra…You produce your own food. Why you are going to London, to the factories? There is no need. This is wrong civilization. Here is land. You produce your food. If you produce your food, there is no need of going hundred miles, fifty miles on your motorcycle or motor to earn your livelihood. Why? There is no need.

[LONDON,November 25,1973:Srimad –Bhagavatam 1.10.4]


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