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Report on Mayapur Seminar on Astrology


By ­IDVM-India Correspondent

From day two onwards Vishnutattva Prabhu (the faculty) taught different topics related to Vedic astrology as per the schedule. He started with stars, their positions and how the earth and sun are positioned in the space, total number of stars and their names. Later he introduced the concepts of “Panchanga”. Pancha means “five” and anga means “parts”. Panchanga consists of tithi, nakshatra, vara.etc. With the help of nakshatras one can give a newly born baby a suitable name.

If one knows tithi, nakshatra and vara, then depending on these qualities one can advise when to fix the muhurta  for different purificatory process like name giving ceremony, Annaprasana  (feeding the new born baby with grains for the first time), Karnavedha (ear piercing ) etc.

After day two, deeper subjects like different planets, their movements, characteristics, how they influence, tara bala, and various other topics were taught. On the final day, he began with the explanation of how to make the nuptial chart and make predictions, how to read different aspects related to it. Later students were asked to prepare charts and asked to read them and make predictions.

Bhagavati Prabhu from china was happy to learn Magic box (Natal chart) and is interested in learning advanced level in Astrology, he thanked IDVM-India for organizing such courses.

Kamyavan Devi Dasi from South America got interested in learning about Nakshatras and Panchanga reading. She also would like to join advanced course in this field.

Shantirupini  Radha Devi Dasi  from  Baharin was happy to learn how to prepare “birth chart”, and she thanked IDVM-India and  Mayapur Institute for organizing  such courses and providing facilities.

Rampriya Prabhu from Nigeria said that all the topics covered were completely new to him and he needed more time to clarify a few deeper subjects in the field.

Krishna Bhringa Prabhu from Nigeria was interested to learn more about the 27 stars and Panchanga calculation.

At the end, Vishnutattva Prabhu thanked everyone specially his teachers who had taught him and trained him in Astrology and also Rama Lakshman prabhu for inviting him to Mayapur to share this knowledge.

Finally, Rama Lakshman prabhu thanked all the students for their enthusiasm and sincerity in learning about “Vedic Astrology”. He thanked Mayapur Institute authorities for providing all the necessary facilities for conducting the course. He also thanked Vishnutattva Prabhu who came all the way from South India to share his knowledge with others.

He conveyed special thank to H.H.R.P. Bhakti Raghava Swami, Minister -IDVM (India ) for his advice and inspiration to organize and share knowledge by having Varnasrama Training courses every year.

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