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Report on Cow Based Rural Development Seminar


Recently I got an opportunity to attend the conference on Rural development based on cows, conducted by National Institute for Rural Development (NIRD) & Panchayati raj (Ministry for Rural Development, Government of India) Rajendranagar, Hyderabad on 3rd of November, 2016.

As a pleasant surprise, I met Rupavilas prabhu (Venumadhuri trust director) who was also giving a seminar sharing his experience about Venumadhuri NGO activities. Seminar was well organized by NIRD inviting the elite group consisting of Senior IAS officers, scientists, doctors, scholars, NGO’s directors. I was the only odd man out representing a spiritual organization. It took me a while to convince the gate keeper to allow me in as he couldn’t believe that in saffron robes I was also a participant.

With HG Rupavilas Prabhu Attending Seminar

With HG Rupavilas Prabhu Attending Seminar

While Seminar is going on

During the Seminar






The seminar begun with welcome speech by the coordinator of the seminar Dr. Siddayya and NIRD Director General W.R Reddy (IAS). The gist of the speech was how awareness about multi usages of cow products was growing and the the need of scientific world to support it by standardization and scientific validation of the cow products for safe and mass consumption. Later Sri T.Vijay Kumar (IAS Retrd.) gave the key note address. His speech was astounding and applauded by many participants. He basically sounded antagonistic towards the modern agricultural practices and green revolution program which was taken up in India. He scientifically explained the fallacies in modern agriculture and environmental hazards due the so called Green revolution program and also eulogized the Vedic system of agriculture, especially the cow based agriculture. He shared his personal experience of training around five thousand farmers in Kakinada (a big city in Andhra Pradesh) in cow based agriculture and the miraculous results in applying the age old system. Mr. T. Vijay Kumar who retired after chairing many Government organizations is presently the Chief Advisor for Rural Development, especially for Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh, to the Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N.Chandrababu Naidu.

Meeting NIRD Director general Dr.W.R.Reddy(IAS)

Meeting NIRD Director general Dr.W.R.Reddy(IAS)

Meeting NIRD Director general Dr.W.R.Reddy(IAS)

Meeting NIRD Director general Dr.W.R.Reddy(IAS)






After a short break, seminar again continued, Mr. K.B Narayana shared his experience about the important role of cow for sustainable agriculture. Then Mr. R. Mallikarjuna Reddy presented a talk on the Livestock production systems and the status of indigenous cow. Later Dr.Saibutcha Rao gave an interesting talk on curing diabetes by using cow ghee. He brought the cured patients who shared their personal experience how cow ghee had miraculously helped them cure the deadly diabetes disorder.
The session ended for lunch and it resumed allowing me to give the first afternoon seminar. I spoke on Developing Sustainable Communities based on Mother Cow.  I shared the activities of IDVM-India (ISKCON Daiva Varnashrama Ministry) and OM Sri Surabhi Campaign. After the seminar some delegates passed positive comments on ISKCON’s activities. Later there was talk on therapeutic uses of cow urine by research scientists. Later I couldn’t attend the rest of the seminars as I had to leave to Chirala for Srila prabhupada’s disappearance day celebrations.


During Break in Campus lawn

Following are some of the remarks made by some delegates in personal meeting with them.

*  Mr. Mohan Rao (one research scientist) commented that I thought ISKCON is only into building big temples, but I am pleasantly surprised that they are actively involved in Agriculture and Cow care.
*  One delegate I couldn’t get his name said that ISKCON is doing great service in restoring the lost Vedic culture in a big way.
*  Mr. P.Venugopal Reddy (Chairman of Ekalavya Foundation), NGO offered to work with ISKCON in the matter of Cow protection.
*  Dr. W.R Reddy (Director General of NIRD) expressed his willingness to extend his cooperation to rural development activities taken up by ISKCON.
* Sri T.Vijay Kumar actively involved in training farmers in cow based agriculture gave invitation to join his training program.
* Dr. Siddayya, the coordinator commented that he was deeply touched by hearing how care for Mother Cow can stop cultural degradation.

Overall it was a pleasant experience that the educationists are seriously thinking about Cow care. There was also a revolutionary proposal that in future a university should be developed to simply study Mother Cow.
Om tat sat.
Below is the Power Point Presentation prepared for seminar as requested by NIRD for their publications.


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