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April 1, 2017 to June 30, 2017


This is the tenth Quarterly Report summarizing the on-going developments of the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign – 2015 to 2027 in our attempt to promote the varnasrama mission. All the previous reports published can be read on our two main websites at and


The preaching activities in Indonesia continue to expand with a good number of enthusiastic devotees serving under the Gaura Raksha Indonesia (GAURI) where devotees perform Go Puja in some 30 locations on every Purnima day. Members of GAURI attend most of the Ratha Yatras held at different locations and set up a booth promoting the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign.


In addition to the 108 acres of land acquired last year by the devotees at Yashodapur Eco Village, devotees acquired some additional land in the village itself. This will allow the devotees to stay longer and give more
attention to developing the project.

Efforts will be to make a boundary of our 108 acres of land, then make a ring road that goes all around the inner contour of the land and then begin making the Rajmarg, the two main roads dividing the land. Our devotees plan to continue developing the small area they have developed in the past and gradually expand from there. They will be working on developing a Master Plan for the entire land.

One new devotee from Indonesia, Bhakta Susilo, will be staying and joining the present team of devotees that includes Guna Avatara prabhu, Kumudaksa prabhu and Vishnurata prabhu and his wife Induleka mataji.

On April 18, devotees inaugurated a new goshala at the ashram of one Yoga teacher, Mr. Joel celebrating the arrival of his first cow. The full article can be read on the section News of the website.

With the efforts of Prasannatma prabhu and Mr. Sophat, devotees have registered a new local NGO called Development ISKCON Cambodia.


From mid-April this year a few devotees at Saranagati Village in Western Canada took the initiative to begin developing the Vedic Eco Village in the southern part of the Saranagati Valley. Ramanath prabhu registered a
dedicated website named and has been posting weekly articles about the activities. Two devotees from Indonesia joined the project, Kisora Krishna prabhu and Danavir prabhu. They plan to stay for 3
months. One more devotee friend of Ramanath prabhu, Venu Gopal prabhu, also joined the devotees to share his knowledge of permaculture.


From the month of March this year, the Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Ksetra project was again taken up by IDVM-India and Sri Rama prabhu has agreed to be the new Director of the project. Various developments will be
under way with the participation and support from experienced devotees such as Madhava prabhu from Gokul Dham and Hari Kirtan prabhu from Chirala in Andhra Pradesh.

The new management at Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Ksetra near Udupi in South Karnataka came out with their first Narada Bulletin sharing information about the project. Details can be had in the News Section of webpage.

His Grace Sri Krishna Purusottama prabhu conducted a seminar on June 11th at the ISKCON temple Kurnool, South India.

National Cow Conference in Mumbai

The Virat Hindustan Sangam conducted a National Conference on BOS INDICUS – The Glorious Indian Cow in Mumbai on Sunday June 18, 2017. On the same occasion, the organizers launched the COW CONNECT App providing varioustypes of informations to cow lovers in India and abroad. The conference was well attended showing the growing interest among common people to get more involved in protecting cows. The Cow Connect App is available for free download at Apple stores.


Devotees serving in Kulim, Penang, Rasikananda prabhu, his wife Purnamasi devi dasi and daughter Vrinda, conducted their first Go Puja and have pledged to continue this practice every month. We held different
programs on the island promoting the OM Sri Surabhi Campaign attracting the attention of some local devotees.

New Yoga Shala in New Vrindavan, USA

Gaura Nataraja prabhu who heads up the Congregational Department invited us to attend the inauguration of the newly constructed Yoga Shala in New Vrindavan in the beginning of April. Some of ISKCON well known teacher Yogis participated in the grand opening attended by many of the supporters who donated for the project.

Devotees interested to know more about activities during this period may
visit the section NEWS at Home Page for more details and photos.

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