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Team Mandate


IIAC/ISKCON Bureau Mandate (2009)

“Therefore, the India RGB hereby establishes the Varnasrama-based Rural
Development Ministry with the following mandate:

A) To encourage the establishment in India of models of Krishna-conscious rural communities (villages):

  • To demonstrate in a practical way how the principles of varnas (aptitude based occupations) and asramas (phased lifelong spiritual emancipation) are universal and standard principles meant to be implemented.
  • To demonstrate the principles of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and localized economy based on proper utilization of land and cow protection.

B) To encourage, wherever possible in India, varnasrama-based rural development centered on the land, cows, and Krishna.

C) In order to accomplish the above, to establish training programs, publish resource materials, organize conferences and seminars, establish libraries and resource centers, etc.

Bhakti Raghava Swami is hereby appointed as Minister.

END of Mandate for India varnasrama