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Organic Farming by Pasraman Sandipani Muni Students


By Yadava Hari dasa

The students of Pasraman Sandipani Muni at Gita Nagari Baru (GNB) village are also engaged in farming. They do the farming activity under the guidance of Jatayu Prabhu who is one of the teachers at the Pasraman or Gurukul. On the small land at GNB, they have planted a few of vegetables. They began this with the loosening of the soil and adding cow dung as the fertilizer. After that they put the seeds of the vegetables into the land. They watered it every day and took good care of the farm. This activity was performed as a part of the courses given at Pasraman Sandipani Muni.

The resident teachers at GNB offer training courses to the students of Pasraman Sandipani Muni. These courses include course in martial arts, Vedic Philosophy course, and other traditional skills courses. One of the other courses offered is of organic farming. This course aims to educate the students to produce their own food which can later be offered to Sri-Sri Radha-Madana Gopal. This way their primary need can be fulfilled. Farming is an activity undertaken by the vaisya. However, each one of us should be able to do farming to fulfill our main needs of food.



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