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New Projects at Vedic Eco Village


Below is the list of new projects started at Vedic Eco Village (A Project of Vancouver Vedic Education Society (VVES) and Sustainable Eco Alliance (SEA.Inc.) )

Fruit Orchard

The fruit orchard already has 10 trees planted.  We will have apple, pear, plum and apricot trees, as well as berries. We have built a temporary fence and installed some drip lines.

Guest Cabins

The guest area will host our initial Eco Village builders and also guests.  We will start by making a platform and installing a large tent for temporary lodging for the workers.  Then we will build four cabins.  Each cabin will have a bed, table, chair and bed only.

The guest area is beside the Colony and will have its own outhouse, solar shower and kitchen area.


The kitchen will provide prasadam for the teachers and residents of the Gurukula.

We will start with a simple outdoor kitchen to feed the workers of the Eco Village.  We will need a basic structure with roof, cob stove (for cooking with wood and dung), stainless steel sink, tables and storage areas.

Movie Makers

The Audio and Video recording and editing team needs to upgrade their equipment to make better movies about the Vedic Eco Village.  Here is the list of item we need:

  • Professional camera (ie. GoPro Hero 6): $600
  • Drone (ie. Karma Drone): $800
  • Camera tripod: $100
  • Computer and software: $1500


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