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-By HG Harikirtan Das

As part of Sri Krishna Janmastami celebrations we planned to conduct special programs in villages where we have been already preaching. We called the program “Krishnotsava”. Since devotees would be busy with preparations for Krishna Janmastami celebrations, we decided to extend the Janmastami festival with Krishnotsava. Krishnotsava program was planned to include village sankirtan, books (Grantha) distribution, Go puja, abhishekam and  arati of Sri Krishna in the replica form of Udipi Krishna deity, lecture on reasons of Lord Krishna’ s appearance and Varnashrama principles of awareness about importance of simple living, pledge to serve cows and holy names of Krishna and finally prasadam distribution.

So far we have conducted such programs in eight villages namely Gundaipalem, Kanapur, Davanapalli, Godserala, Sataram, Chinnamallareddy, Kupriyal, Domakonda. This was the ninth village – Thatlavai in Jagityal district of Telangana.

The village is not fully spoiled with modern gadgets. The simplicity of villagers is still preserving some aspects of ideal village. All villagers grow their own vegetables and everyone has their own well, but they think themselves backward because they don’t use modern agricultural technology and don’t drink mineral water.  The whole program went very lively with enthusiastic participation of villagers.  This was our last “Krishnotsava” program.

Glimpse of this program




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