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IDVM-India Offers Course in Astrology


Every year ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry –India in association with Mayapur Institute organizes Varnasrama Training courses on various subjects. This year we started first course on 25th September 2017. We chose Vedic Astrology as one of the course sub jects. The training was offered by HG Vishnutattva Prabhu, who has completed Jyotisha Praveena and specializes in “Stellar Astrology” meena 2 Nadi system, under JKR Astro research foundation at Secunderabad.

The course started with the chanting of the holy names of the Lord. Rama Lakshman prabhu welcomed the participant devotees and introduced the speaker to them.  Then the participant devotees introduced themselves and shared their reasons for attending the course. The participation varied from Nigeria, South America, China and Mayapur . Devotees who came for the course expressed their desire to learn to read and make the natal or horoscope charts. Some of the participant devotees who also serve as pujaris, expect the course to help them to find and decide the auspicious muhurtha for different ceremonies like Bhumi puja, house warming ceremony, marriage ceremony etc. Vishnutattva Prabhu assured that the course would cover these topics in the coming days. He started with origin of astrology, its parampara system and the importance of Vedic astrology. Thereafter, he introduced different concepts in Vedic Astrology, like stars, planets and chart.

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