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Go-Seva at Narayana Smrti Ashram, Yogyakarta – Indonesia


By Bhaktin Dian

The devotional services must be done through the hectic college schedule. This is pointed out by the college students at Narayana Smrti Ashram, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. They come from various backgrounds, they go to different colleges, but their compassion to the Mother Cow brings them together as one Go-seva team.

Yogyakarta, also known as the student city, is a city in Indonesia. The good news is there is an ISKCON youth hostel, named Narayana Smrti Ashram. The ashram is very famous for the residents, almost all of them are college students. There they can take shelter from the harsh material life and also learn many things about spiritual life. They even take care and protect cow, our sacred Mother.

Narayana Smrti Ashram has its own Goshala, named Jogja Surabhi Goshala. It has one bull, named Kishora. Go-seva is an essential feature in vedic culture for Krishna Himself loves cows. Everyday, the college students as the ashram brahmacaris, work hand in hand in rendering Go-seva. They divided their duty section into pickets. One handles the cleanliness of Goshala, another one of them of bathing Kishora, and yet another of feeding him.

In the pictures, we can see the brahmacaris doing their duties. They are Bhakta Andika, Bhakta Ari, Bhakta Nyoman, Bhakta Gopal and HG Yadava Hari prabhu who has taken the photos. Their faces describe the spirit in bringing the great vedic culture back, based on land and cows; and they set an example for others to follow.


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