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Go Puja and Goshala Inauguration at Mr Joel House


By HG Gunaavatar Das

Mr Joel our American friend in Siem Reap is always enthusiastic about the sustainable living, since he has been in Cambodia for years. He commits and dedicates himself to promote yoga, organic farming and traditional simple life style both in his center Hariharalaya and at his own house. Recently on 6th April 2017 we had a very nice program in his house with his Cambodian family and some of his partner yoga teachers. Although we informed him just a few days before the date, yet he could very nicely arrange a nice goshala along with his new family member, mother cow Kamadhenu. It is for the first time for Kamadhenu being at the compound. Earlier she was at one of the relatives’ house along with other cows. Mr Joel took the opportunity of HH Bhakti Raghava Swami Maharaja’s visit for the inauguration his new goshala and for the performance of Go Puja
Before the Go Puja could start, we all sat out doors, under the trees where there is a very nice Siva Lingga. We began with Hare Krishna kirtan led by Vishnuratha Prabhu, and then after about 30 minutes we continued the program with the hearing of lecture by Maharaja about Sri Rama (becausethat day was a day after Ram Navami) and then Maharaja explained about the importance of cows. Later on, by the mercy of the holy name, there was heavy rain and we moved to the goshala, so that we could continue hearing from Maharaja.
And then we did go puja for about 30 minutes. Mr Joel did the arati to Kamadhenu, while all the devotees sang Hare Krishna kirtan. At the end everybody offered bananas to Kamadhenu. Kamadhenu was yet to get settled to her new place, so sometimes she became little wild. One of the attendants was a singer and that time he recited a sweet song for Kamadhenu. Though he could not remember the whole song, but he said something like, “Kamadhenu you give pure milk, we love you Kamadhenu ….” And then after Kamadhenu heard the song, she seemed to be friendlier to us. I think she was very happy with our worship and attention to her.
Mr Joel would like to dedicate his new service to mother cow for the spiritual well being of all the devotees, family especially his wife who is pregnant.
Then Maharaja introduced about our Sri Surabhi campaign program of making incense sticks from cow dung. Maharaja said that this incense is considered the best incense for the arati, and then this is the way how we can connect our self with Go seva/service to mother cows. By using cow products which are easily available at home, and then gradually we can teach our family to start making it for our family needs. There are many cow products that we can make like incense sticks, soap, tooth paste, cow urine medicines etc. All the attendants, including the yoga teachers were interested in these topics especially when they came to know that cow can improve our energy aura just by her presence. We can improve our aura simply by being with the cows or bulls every day. Maharaja also mentioned about our project Yasodapura Eco Village where we plan to open goshala, having our own cows and our own milk. We invite them also to visit our ashram in Siem Reap behind the WatPreahEnkosay Pagoda, on Sunday where we have regular Sunday feast at noon 12.30.
Hare Krishna!



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