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GAURI Promotes OM Sri Surabhi Campaign


By Bhaktin Dian & Yadava Hari dasa

Om Sri Surabhi Campaign under ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (IDVM) – India has made an innovation to start the new year 2018. By cooperating with GAURI and other cow protection organizations, it develops its movement on promoting cow protection to more people by published Calendar 2018. ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (IDVM) – India has designed the calendar nicely. The design was modified by GAURI by translating the contents and putting a few  additional information about GAURI.

GAURI has combined the national calendar and Vaihnava calendar, so it can be used by the devotees and also the common people. GAURI team also added some photos of the cows in different Goshalas around Indonesia, some selected slokas that give information and knowledge to the customer about Sacred Cow. To give more information about Varnasrama-mission and Om Sri Surabhi Campaign, GAURI team also added the link of websites and

By only one week 250 copies of the calendar had sold out. Not only devotees sold the calendar, but some non-devotees also ordered the calendar. It automatically gives them mercy of the mother cow. GAURI has been printing more copies of the calendar to distribute it on some festivals in the end year of 2017 and the new year of 2018.

GAURI has been doing campaign on cow protection automatically around Indonesia. We hope the GAURI calendar can be useful and bring auspusiousness to them who participate in this campaign by buying the calendar. All profit of the calendar is used for cow protection program by GAURI.

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