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Cow Based Agriculture at Gaura Hari Village


By Bhaktin Diyan

OM Sri Surabhyai Namah! OM Sri Gurave Namah!

Gaura Hari Village is the pioneer for varnasrama and cow protection mission in Bali. The devotees never stop conducting many activities based on Daiva Varnasrama-Dharma there. On Sunday, May 21, 2017, whole residents of Gaura Hari Ashram went down to earth to clean their rice field. Balinese called it “mejukut”.

“Mejukut” is literally clean up the rice field from the pest and disadvantaging grass which grow among the rice plants. Usually do when the rice plants is about 16 days old. The Gaura Hari Youth also took a part of the activity and they look so excited about this. All day long, all devotees worked on their rice field. Anirudha Dasa Prabhu as the Head of Sri Gaura Hari Ashram, Govinda Madhava Dasa Prabhu as the Leader of Gaura Hari Youth, Danavira Dasa Prabhu as brahmacari serve for Sri Sri Radha Madha and also kids from Gaurahari Gurukula are also directly involved. Not only the prabhus, matajis also took part of this seva. Some of them joined down and the others prepared various delicious prasadam.


Gaura Hari Village own some wet field to grow organic rice. All the agriculture process they do manualy and naturaly such as plowing the grown, irigating, sowing cow dung for soil fertility until the harvesting phase. So that, devotees may offer their crops to their beloved Sri Sri Radha Madhava and get healthy prasadam. Devotees also invite all fortune souls to come and join all the programs in come.

One senior devotee who lives near the Ashram gave big bananas from his farm to them as a gift. They offer the bananas to Sri-Sri Radha-Madhava. Only use cow dung and cow urine are used by them as the fertilizer. They prove the powerful of cow dung and cow urine by their act.

Hare Krishna!

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