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Bhumi Puja for Nizamabad Surabhi Goshala Performed


Hare Krishna! Sri Guru Gauranga Vijayate! Om Sri Surabhyai Namah!

From last fifteen years preaching has been going on consistently in Nizamabad town. Right from the beginning, the congregation was exposed both to the Bhagavata dharma and Varnashrama dharma principles. Devotees have been regularly following the standard ISKCON morning program of chanting the holy names, harinams, book distribution, Prasadam distribution, conducting almost all ISKCON calendar festivals, occasionally conducting school and college programs, summer camps for children and youth and many other special festivals and seminars. Apart from these regular programs some grihastha devotees chose to send their children to IDVM organised Shikshalaya, Gurukula and Varnashrama College educational programs. The students who had become grihasthas and other devotees started purchasing lands in the outskirts of the town. Though not a big area, they started using it for growing vegetables and few grains. Gradually, over time a small temple was built and preaching activities multiplied. Some cows were purchased and miraculously cows brought their own donors who were unknown to us, but helped us build the goshala. His Holiness R.P. Bhakti Raghava maharaj has been regularly visiting Nizamabad and guiding the devotees and has been inspiration for undertaking different preaching activities. Today, in the auspicious muhurta of 14th July, 2017, panchami and shukravar, the bhumi puja was performed to begin the Goshala construction. We beg the readers of article to bless these efforts of the devotees to develop into an ideal Krishna conscious community based on the principle of “simple living and high thinking” as envisioned by our beloved Founder-Acharya His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, which is the need of the hour for ISKCON preaching to flourish and society at large to tackle the modern burning problems. Thank you!

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