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Beginning of Year 2017 with Go-Puja at Mumbai

By Subhananda Hari Das
Om Sri Surabhyai Namah!!!
Go-puja was performed for global auspiciousness in Mumbai under the  auspices of ‘Om Sri Surabhi Campaign’ on 1st January 2017 at Madhav Baug Goshala, located in Lakshmi Narayan Temple compound. Located in the heart of South Mumbai, the Goshala not only provided us a break from busy city life but more importantly provided us an opportunity to serve Mother Cow and worship her.
The Gir cows of the Goshala were very nicely taken care by Mr. Mahesh Yadav and family, who kindly allowed us to perform the ceremony. The program started with the Harinam, followed by Tulasi Arati. Go-Puja was performed by His Grace Prem Nimai Prabhu, founder of ‘Gopal Dham’ Project in Orissa. After the Go-puja, all the attendees took sacred oath to Mother Surabhi. Then the objective of the program was briefly explained to public. The ceremony concluded with prasadam distribution and gifting calendars to public. All the Cows present in the Goshala were served with laddoo prasadam. Devotees took this opportunity to decorate the Mother Cow with their palm color prints of yellow and red. As a token of thanks, the Goshala caretaker was gifted a Sri Surabhi T-Shirt, Calendars and a small donation. He was very happy with the whole program and invited us to visit Goshala again.
The devotees stayed back for some time to serve the Cows and take blessings from her. Everyone loved Mother Cow to their heart’s content. Gomata also showered her love on us by allowing us to serve her. It was heartening to see the overwhelming response from the visitors who were curious and wanted to know more details about the Campaign. All devotees and attendees very happy and satisfied with the whole event and thanked the Sri Surabhi Campaign organizers for such a wonderful initiative. The program concluded in our traditional style with a brief lecture on the glories of Gomata followed by wonderful feast prasadam.

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  1. It was an auspicious beginning of 2017. Very thanks to His Grace Shubhanada Hari Das, who organized this event. We really felt blessed. While reading THE OATH, it was a stirring experience.

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